Launched titles

Several of our titles have received rewards.


Bille & Trille Wacky Woods – nominated for best kid's game

Rasmus Klump – the app

Egon – The Blue Eyed Kitty – nominated for best kid's game

Let's Play a Story

Let's Play a Fairy Tale

HCA – The Princess and the Tinderbox

Bellini’s Big Bad Basement

Bellini – The Mad Magician and the Mystery about the Missing Boy (Spøgelse med Forkølelse) – Best Children's Game

Bellini – The Doggone Dognapping (Skeletter med Kasketter)

Bellini’s Bikini

Bellini – The Cosmic Cheese Conspiracy (Ostekrigen på Mælkevejen)

HCA – The Ugly Prince Duckling (Game of the Year, Best Adventure)

Dennis & Bellini – Uncle Bellini’s Secrets

Dennis & Bellini – in Holidonia

Dennis & Bellini – The Missing Rabbits

Dennis & Bellini – Don’t Upset the Apple-cart

Dennis & Bellini – Fox in the Hen House

Bille & Trille – Crazy Kindergarten (Best Children's Game)

Bille & Trille – Dressing Up

Bille & Trille – Happy Holidays

Bille & Trille – Helt ude i Skoven (Best Children's Game)

Rasmus Klump / Petzi Bear – Happy Birthday

Rasmus Klump / Petzi Bear as Postman

Rasmus Klump / Petzi Bear and Fnuller’s Icecream Stand

Jungledyret Hugo / Jungo – Fruit Fight

Jungledyret Hugo / Jungo – The Meatball War

Rasmus Klump / Petzi and Friends on Holiday

Bille & Trille – Treasures in Sight

Bille & Trille – Trouble in the Deep

Bille & Trille – Teddy Bear’s Birthday