New games in development

Oswald new eyes
Oswald the Monkey

The little monkey, Oswald lives out in the woods. He feels so happy in the morning, munches on a big red sweet apple, and squeaks and chats with his friends. And the little monkeys could have a good time, if it wasn't because of the bully baboon who is mad and acts so bad, and comes, to rule the forest with his GRRR…

The game is based on Egon Mathiesen's modernist masterpiece of the same name, a classic in children's literature and more relevant than ever before.

Developed in collaboration with Those Eyes.

Supported by The Danish Film Institute and Creative Europe

Jungle round
Welcome to the Jungle

In the jungle, there is life everywhere - for every leaf we turn, there's a gecko darting away, or we catch a glimpse of an okapi behind the vines. We can also visit the savannah and see the herds of zebras grazing and the giraffes nibbling on the trees.

Based on the paintings by Hans Scherfig and developed in collaboration with Guppyworks and Indoor.

Supported by the The Danish Film Institute and Creative Europe

Round Alfie
Alfie Atkins Toolbox

»What’s great about a toolbox is that it doesn’t have to be all that big
– you can still build almost anything in the world.«

Alfie Atkins Toolbox is a fun app where you build great stuff and solve challenges based on the Alfons Åberg stories by Gunilla Bergström.

Developed in collaboration with Guppyworks.

Supported by the Danish Film Institute.

herman og skelet
Bellini: The Doggone Dognapping

Dannys and his friends Flora the Fly, Harold the dog, and Don Mouse are once again facing their troubles with Danny's uncle Bellini, the wizard. He has secretly attended a wizard congress where a large prize has been announced for whoever can conjure the world's strangest creature. The wizard and his henchmen, the two skeletons with caps, need guinea pigs for their mysterious magic experiments, and it's affecting the poor animals in Danny's garden. Danny has broken his leg, so there's no one to help the animals unless you stop the wizard...

The Doggone Dognapping is a remake for mobile of the second game in the Bellini series.

BT i mark
Bille & Trille on Nature Patrol


Bille & Trille on Nature Patrol is an app designed for children to explore and address environmental and biodiversity challenges. The emphasis is placed on empowering young users to make a positive impact in their own immediate surroundings and daily environments, with a specific focus on fostering biodiversity and nurturing nature.

Supported by the Danish Film Institute.

Caption 3
The Story of the Little Mole Who Went in Search of Whodunit

One morning, as Little Mole peers out of his hole, PLOP! Something unexpectedly lands on his head. The question arises: Whodunit?

The hunt for the culprit leads far and wide, and it turns out that there are many kinds of poop in the world.

Supported by the Danish Film Institute.

Caption 2
Tupilak – Inuuna and the Spirits

The story of Tupilak explores the encounter between the new and old Greenland. The new digital reality intersects with ancient myths and stories, all seen through the eyes of Inuuna. A 7-year-old girl, for whom both digital tales and ancient myths are met with curiosity and fascination.

Tupilak is the first Greenlandic game adventure for children. Created in collaboration with

Supported by the Danish Film Institute, The Ministery of Culture, and the Napa Foundation.

Caption 1
The Happy Lion Makes New Friends

The universal messages of The Happy Lion about being kind, open, and understanding may be even more crucial today than ever before. Therefore, we believe that modern children should have the opportunity to become good friends with the Happy Lion.
It happens best by letting the Happy Lion meet children where they are—on digital platforms. Here, children need friends. The Happy (digital) Lion will introduce children to fundamental concepts such as emotions, friendship, and diversity.

Developed in collaboration with Guppyworks and Portaplay.

Ernest & Celestine
Ernest & Celestine

The Ernest and Célestine universe, created by Belgian author and illustrator Gabrielle Vincent, captivates audiences with its gentle lines, ethereal watercolors, and endearing characters. Adored by both young and old, it is celebrated for its touching narratives, delving into themes like friendship, kindness, and acceptance. Through the bond between Ernest the bear and Célestine the mouse, the stories beautifully illustrate the strength of unlikely friendships. With its international acclaim and translations into numerous languages, the Ernest and Célestine universe has made a significant cultural impact.

Why Nobody Strokes Hedgehogs
The little hedgehog is sad. The other animals are constantly being petted: the dogs, the cats, the hares and the horses. He's the only one that no one strokes. But one day he meets a clever field mouse who shows him that we're all lovable just as we are. And that sometimes it's a wonderful thing to be wild and free.
A fascinating collaboration with two of Ukraine’s finest artists, Andrej Kurkov and Tania Goryushina.