The Blue Eyed Kitty

The Blue Eyed Kitty is a very cute and playful app for kids.
The little kitty with blue eyes is unlike most other cats and cannot be not accepted in an unfriendly world.
You will help the Kitty find its own way to happiness by solving puzzles and drawing the story.
The game is based on Egon Mathiesen's modernist masterpiece of the same name, a classic in children's literature and more relevant than ever before.

“The story of the blue eyed kitty is nothing less than a tolerance manifesto and a symbolic story about the relationship between a powerful majority and a powerless minority. The blue-eyed [and hence naive] cat is not accepted by the other cats because it does not have yellow eyes as they have. But when the blue-eyed kitty discovers the country with the many mice, the others realise that he is exactly like them – just different.”

The Blue Eyed Kitty is available on iOS and Android in English and Danish.








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