HCA – The princess and the Tinderbox

Meet the Princess. Day after day she gazes longingly out her window upon the fascinating world below her. On her 15th birthday, tired of her boring privileged life, she decides to leave the royal palace against her father’s wishes in search of adventure. Along her journey she meets young Hans Christian Andersen – a poor teenager struggling to make his way in life, the Little Mermaid, the Ugly Duckling, and other characters made famous in Andersen’s fairytales.

Meanwhile, lurking in the dark shadows, the wicked Master of Darkness begins hatching his evil plan. Without the protection of the palace walls, he kidnaps the Princess with help from the Trolls. He plans to expel the King and transform the kingdom into a Troll’s realm of darkness.

Playing as Hans Christian Andersen himself, you must save the Princess and the Kingdom!

Story outline

Penniless, young Hans Christian Andersen (HCA), has just entered the gates of Copenhagen when he bumps into the princess. She has run away from the palace out of sheer boredom, and to make things worse, she is abducted in broad daylight by the sinister person Mr. Schwarz.

HCA must now try to right the wrong, but he has problems of his own as well. HCA starts his quest for fame and fortune in the poorest part of town. He interacts with the general inhabitants and must deal with all sorts of people (socially and morally). He must make friends and maybe earn himself a penny by running errands and the like. Humble characters like a little girl selling matches and a swineherd turn out to be useful acquaintances.

In this process HCA discovers the place, where the princess is being held prisoner – an old mill. In order to free her, he must gain access to the old and dark mill, then deal with a couple of scary (but utterly simple-minded!) troll-guards, and figure out how to free the princess from her cage. When successful, the princess and HCA can escape and HCA must try to guide her highness to the palace in the opposite end of town. Needles to say, the king’s darling daughter is of a most delicate kind – rather squeamish, sensitive and…spoiled (and – alas! – she is quite interested in handsome young men). Groups of trolls (foot-soldiers of Mr. Schwartz) catch up with the couple and take the princess captive again. Mr. Schwarz discloses his true powers, and his final goal – to take over the entire Kingdom by besieging the capital. To that end he covers growing parts of the town in magic darkness and uses the princess as a hostage to force the king into abdication.


HCA – The Princess and the Tinderbox is an adventure game and available on iOS and Android. The game has breathtaking 3D graphics of Copenhagen anno 1820 and a spell-binding storyline that appeals to young and old.
Meet over 60 new and classic fairytale characters like The Ugly Duckling, The Little Match Girl, The Swineherd, The Tinderbox Witch, The Shepherdess and The Chimney Sweep.

HCA – The Princess and the Tinderbox is available in English, Chinese, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, French, German, Dutch, Russian, Polish, and Finnish.

Developed by Guppyworks and published by Savannah.