Let’s Play a Fairy Tale

Let’s Play A Fairy Tale is a creative educational game for the 7-12 year olds with a focus on storytelling. The player creates his/her own stories based on classic fairy tales such as Sleeping Beauty, Red Riding Hood and Princess on a Pea and capture them using the tablet like a camera in a three-dimensional world. It is a unique experience where the player moves freely around in the real world using the tablet as a window into the game universe.

Let’s Play A Fairy Tale is available on iOS in English, Danish, and Croatian.

Let’s Play A Fairy Tale is a free game. No payments. No adds.

Gratis undervisningsapp

Let's Play A Fairy Tale et gratis digitalt læremiddel til danskundervisningen på mellemtrinnet.

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Let’s Play A Fairy Tale has been developed with support from the Danish Film Institute and the Ministry of Children, Education and Gender Equality.

Created together with Gamerce and Lynx Animation.